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Saskatoon Public Schools
Inspiring Learning
International Student Program
The Saskatoon International High School Program offers international students the opportunity to experience Canadian culture and academic excellence through internationally recognized programming in Saskatoon Public Schools. The program allows students from around the world to attend one of our high schools and learn English; prepare for study at a Canadian or American university; and experience life in Canada, first-hand.
Students may enroll in the following programs:
  • Short-Term School Experience (one academic semester)
  • Academic Program for High School Graduation
  • University Preparation Program
  • Advanced Placement Courses
  • International Baccalaureate (IB) Program
Canadian families have the opportunity to expand and enrich their lives through the Saskatoon International High School program by hosting international students.
The Saskatoon International High School Program welcomes students from around the world. Canadian students are given the opportunity to learn about the culture and education systems in countries such as: Brazil, China, Germany, Hong Kong, Iran, Jamaica, Japan, Korea, Mongolia, Nigeria, Spain, Vietnam, Venezuela, Vietnam, Zimbabwe, and many others.
For more information about our International High School Program please download a program brochure and visit the program website at