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Online Learning
Saskatoon Public School Division is proud to offer staff and K-12 students with the opportunity to learn online. Children in K-5 will have opportunities to acquaint themselves with technology through web-based lessons and activities. Children in grades 6-9 will complete individual web-based activities and lessons but will focus on completing entire modules of study using various forms of technology to access information, complete assignments and achieve curricular objectives. Students in our high schools will have the opportunity to plan a flexible and balanced education by accessing lessons, activities, modules and full courses online. Online professional development opportunities and web-based resources are also accessible for SPSD staff members. Online learning is one of the many ways the Saskatoon Public School Division strengthens our learning community while focusing on student learning and our people.
Teachers in our division are dedicated to integrating technology into regular classroom instruction to ensure that our students are exposed to a variety of technological experiences. We believe that is is important for students to have the opportunity to understand how they learn best so that they can make informed decisions about what types of learning environment will prove most beneficial to their individual needs.
Since our goal is to provide technology based learning opportunities for students K-12, online learning may look a little different at each grade level. Furthermore, online learning does not always happen at a computer. For example, activities have been designed to encourage interaction and group work with technology being used at some point to either access assignments, research a topic, or produce a final project. In addition, online learning doesn't always happen in isolation. Group work and interaction are still an integral part of the learning that takes place within online learning activities. In other words, educationally sound objectives are met through the use of various technologies and instructional strategies.
The Online Learning Centre also contains learning opportunities for the employees of the Saskatoon Public School Division to ensure that everyone has the opportunity to make connections for life long learning.
For more information please see our website.