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Student: I started with the International Program as an elementary student. Do I need to reapply to be accepted into high school?
No, you do not need to reapply. Students in grade 8 will be given an opportunity in February to choose which high school they want to attend. A counsellor from the International Program will come to your school to discuss your options.
Parent: Our child is in the International Program. Will we receive communication from the program regarding our child?
Yes. Parents can expect correspondence several times a year for things such as: school related concerns, report cards, and invoices. Parents must provide at least one email.
Parent: I have stopped using or switched agencies. Should I inform the International Program?
Yes, tell us immediately. Important documents are sent to all emails in our system.
Student: I am preparing to renew my study permit. What documents can the International Program provide?
We can provide a letter of attendance and report cards. We must receive requests at least a week in advance. Letters can be picked up at our office located at Evan Hardy Collegiate or we can email it to you.
Student: I have family who would like to visit while I am in Canada. Will the International Program give me a letter of invitation?
Yes, we can provide a letter. Requests must be made at least a week in advance. Letters can be picked up at our office located at Evan Hardy Collegiate or we can email it to you. We will need the following information from each person you want to visit: name as it appears on the passport, date of birth, and passport number (optional).
Parent/Student: I am concerned about health coverage while in Saskatoon. What does it cover?
All students with a study permit are eligible to receive a Saskatchewan Health Card. This covers general doctor visits, hospital stays, and 1 eye exam. It does not cover dental visits, prescription drugs, or use of an ambulance.
Parent/Student: Does the International Program help with the application process for a health card?
Yes. When new students arrive we gather all information and send it to the Ministry of Health. Health cards are mailed to the International Program office and we distribute them to our students. This process can take at least a month depending on the time of year.
Student: Who will help me…
                Choose classes? Elaine Binner
                Renew health card? Suzanne Beaubien
                With homestay concerns? Suzanne Beaubien
You can also email our program if you have any questions.
Student: Will I receive school credits from classes I have taken in my home country?
The Ministry of Education determines what classes will receive credits. The Ministry requires an official transcript for evaluation. School marks at a grade 9 level or lower will not receive credits.
Student: What is an official transcript?
A paper document containing school marks that has been dated and notarized. Unacceptable versions include: email, fax, or photocopy.
Student: How do I renew my study permit/visitor visa?
Due to Canadian Immigration law Bill C-35, it is now illegal for any person from an educational institution to provide advice or assist with a student's Study Permit Renewal/Visitor Visa renewal. Please refer to the Citizenship and Immigration Canada website for Study Permit renewal and Visitor Visa renewal.
If you would like the assistance of an agency, a list of authorized agents can be found here. Please note that the Saskatoon International High School Program does not endorse any particular agency. Take note that a fee will be charged by these agencies.
Student/Parent: Can I choose the school I want to attend?
School placement is always based on the home address of the student unless the student has been accepted into a specialized program.