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Saskatoon Public School Students Registration

As a Saskatoon Public School student, signing up for a class with us is done through your school counsellor.

  • Please print and fill in a copy of the registration form: 2016-2017 OLC Registration Form.pdf2016-2017 OLC Registration Form.pdf
  • Make an appointment with a guidance counsellor at your school and take the completed form with you to your appointment.
  • Please meet with a guidance counsellor at your school to discuss registering for an online learning class.
  • The counsellor will determine if you have the necessary prerequiste for the course and discuss your suitability for online learning.
  • Your guidance counsellor will fax your form to us at (306) 657-3957.
  • Online courses are FREE for students​ enrolled in a Saskatoon Public School 
If you or your school have any questions, please contact us at: