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Saskatoon Public Schools
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  1. Students must be currently enrolled in a Saskatoon Public School.
  2. Students must be 15 years of age by July 5, 2020 for the July Driver Ed Session, or by August 3, 2020 for the August Driver Ed session. 

Students must have a Saskatchewan Government MySGI account and a SGI Customer Number from any SGI agency BEFORE applying for Driver Ed Summer Session—the Driver Ed application cannot be submitted without the SGI Customer Number.  To obtain your MySGI Customer Number, use two pieces of government issued identification (Either Birth Certificate or a valid passport, plus a health card.) Additionally, students must have a valid email address that they have access to.

Session Dates

Monday, July 6—Thursday, July 16, 2020


Tuesday, August 4—Friday, August 14, 2020

Do not book holidays during your Summer School session date, or the student will be removed from the class.

  • Each Driver Ed Summer Session includes 9 mornings of in-class theory instruction (8:00-11:35 a.m. daily). 
  • To qualify for the Certificate of Driver Education, students must attend a minimum 27 of the 30 hours of in-class instruction, complete 6 hours of in-car instruction, and obtain a passing mark on the exams administered in class. The Certificate of Driver Education is required to apply for a Provincial Driver’s License.
  • In-car instruction will be scheduled separately by the instructor and completed in September.
  • A vision check will be conducted during the Driver Ed Summer Session. 
  • Summer Session dates may be cancelled if there is not enough demand.
  • SGI and SPS offer this mandatory Driver Ed program free of charge to SPS students, one time only. Please ensure the student is currently enrolled within Saskatoon Public Schools at the time of application.

If course requirements are not met, students will need to pay for private instruction elsewhere. 


Student Package

The student package contains "The Driver's Handbook", class schedule, and other important information. Students must study  "The Driver's Handbook" in preparation for the Class 7 learner's exam to be administered by the instructor at the beginning of Driver Ed Summer Session.  Following this exam, the provincial learner's license may be purchased from SGI.  Please note that SGI requires two pieces of identification: 1) Health Services Card, and 2) birth certificate or passport [no photocopies].   

By the end of May, student packages will be sent to schools for students registered in Driver Ed Summer Session; other arrangements will be made  for home-schooled students.  At that time, students will be notified when the packages arrive and are available for pick up.  Students who do not pick up their package at that time will forfeit their spots and no longer be registered in Driver Ed Summer Session. 




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