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Saskatoon Public Schools
Inspiring Learning
iGen_Brochure.jpgSaskatoon Public Schools and Sherbrooke Community Centre have partnered to offer the iGen program, which allows Grade 6 students to spend a full school year in a unique classroom experience at Sherbrooke Community Centre.


iGen is short for intergenerational classroom. Grade 6 students selected from Saskatoon Public Schools spend one year in a unique classroom experience learning from and working with their teachers and Sherbrooke Community Centre residents and staff. Students in the iGen classroom learn the curriculum while spending time with those of different generations and with different gifts. Students are encouraged to find their own gifts and create relationships with peers and residents.

This is a learning adventure and an opportunity for students who are seeking a new challenge. Leadership and independent inquiry are foundational objectives of this classroom. Students who like to learn in diverse settings, enjoy hands-on experiences and education beyond traditional classroom walls will benefit. Further, students will have more opportunities to work one-on-one with engaged adults. Do you have gifts and talents you would like to explore? iGen is the place for you to grow and develop your interests while learning to care for and share with others.

Diverse Community

The iGen classroom is located at Sherbrooke Community Centre, a vibrant and caring home that provides housing, support and programming to individuals who are elderly or may require specialized care for disabilities or healthcare needs. Each day there are opportunities to engage in service learning and to receive the benefits of working with others. Students are registered at École College Park School and participate in some of the school’s programming, including physical education, fine arts, band and extracurricular activities. 


iGen students are required to provide general school supplies. Sherbrook is close to École College Park School and each day, all year students walk to and from Sherbrooke, so appropriate outerwear is necessary. Students may require occasional admission or camp fees throughout the year for excursions; however, there are no additional fees or registration costs to join the iGen program.


Students who are currently in Grade 5 at any Saskatoon Public Schools may apply. 
The deadline to submit all three forms is Friday, April 21, 2023. All applicants will be notified by May 31, 2023. 

For questions, please contact iGen lead teacher Keri Albert by email at

Open House
iGen is hosting an open house at Sherbrooke Community Centre on Tuesday, March 21, 2023.

Two sessions will be offered: one from 6-6:45 p.m. and the other from 7-7:45 p.m. To sign up for one of the two sessions offered, please email Keri Albert at

Note: Space is limited.


An orientation for the 25 new students selected will be held in early June. 

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