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Saskatoon Public Schools
Inspiring Learning
SPACE Program
The SPACE Program (Saskatoon Public AerospaCe Education) offers a hands-on approach to learning that is focused on students in grades 5-8. The program is housed at City Park School. The two different parts to the SPACE Program are the robotics workshops and SPACE Club.
Robotics Workshop
The Robotics Workshop is offered to all Grade 6 classes in Saskatoon Public Schools and is an extension of the Grade 6 science curriculum. Before coming to the workshop, students prepare in their classrooms by studying about the solar system and space exploration programs. While at the workshop students will work in teams to build and program Lego robots. During the workshop, students explore the complexities of robots not being on Earth and how they would be controlled and used in different environments. Building the robots is a hands-on and involved process, and being able to program and use the robots encourages students to problem solve.
SPACE Club is an extracurricular program delivered by volunteers and school division staff. Students attend after-school and weekend workshops where they study astronomy, robotics, model rocketry, space communication, and the challenges of living and working in space. The club culminates with role playing simulations of two missions: one to the Space Station and the other to the Mars’ base. Students use problem-solving skills to navigate these two missions. Students are very engaged during all of the club activities.