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How might I know if my child is gifted?

What is giftedness?

In simple terms, giftedness refers to displaying exceptional ability or uncommon promise. Giftedness is not fixed, nor is a student gifted in all areas.  Many gifted students have areas of great strength and other areas that are average or require extra supports.

Why do we offer special programs for gifted students?

Like other students with special needs, gifted students need methods of instruction and environments that ensure they are appropriately challenged.  When they do not have those challenges and supports, gifted student may experience disengagement, isolation, or lack of appropriate academic growth.

Bright Child​* ​Gifted Child*
​Knows the answers ​Asks the questions
​Interested ​Extremely curious
​Pays attention ​Gets involved physically and mentally
​Works hard ​Plays around, still gets good test scores
​Answers questions ​Questions the answers
​Enjoys same-age peers ​Prefers adults or older children
​Good at memorization ​Good at guessing
​Learns easily ​Bored. Already Knows the answers
​Listens well ​Shows strong feelings and opinions
​Self-satisfied ​Self-satisfied. Highly critical of self (perfectionist)

 Characteristics of Bright vs Gifted Students from Janice Szabos

*Please note: this is not a list of absolutes. A gifted student may demonstrate some of the traits of a bright student, and a bright student may have some of the traits of a gifted student.  Students may demonstrate gifted characteristics in certain disciplines and not in others.  The purpose of the list is to provide a general sense of observable characteristics a teacher or parent might see that can be associated with giftedness.