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Saskatoon Public Schools
Inspiring Learning
Collegiate Renewal

collegiateRenewal_75.jpgAll collegiate students will be engaged in their learning so that they graduate as competent, active participants in lifelong learning and as responsible, caring, culturally responsive citizens in the community, nation, and world. In pursuit of this goal, we will focus intensively on the engagement, achievement and graduation rates of First Nations, Inuit and Metis students.

renewal_web1.jpgCollegiate Renewal, one of two strategic learning priorities for Saskatoon Public Schools, has the goal of transforming students'  high school experience. Collegiate Renewal initiatives are designed to engage  all collegiate students in their education so they graduate as active participants in lifelong learning.

Through Collegiate Renewal, Saskatoon Public Schools grows student learning and engagement.  Improvements occur through both professional learning to refine classroom practices and through direct intervention with students.

During the 2017-18 school year administrators and learning coordinators were the main leaders who helped teachers pursue the goals of student engagement and increased credit attainment. These leaders also led professional learning to strengthen understanding of curricular expectations for student outcomes. Particular attention to the results for Indigenous students, student attendance, and additional support for literacy and mathematics has provided heightened focus on meeting the needs of all students for each collegiate team.  

The division has continued the work toward responding effectively to student need and these efforts are yielding steady progress toward the goals of increased engagement and credit attainment. Collegiate teachers and administrators are continuously seeking innovative ways to adapt instruction to meet students’ needs. This work will continue incrementally in 2018-19 with an expansion of professional learning and leadership development focused on outcomes-based assessment, attendance support, and reducing transitions.   

To learn more about how Collegiate Renewal is engaging and supporting students and strengthening instruction in Saskatoon Public Schools please read our Collegiate Renewal Progress Report.