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Saskatoon Public Schools
Inspiring Learning
Improving Students' Learning and Achievement

Elements of Leadership for Learning in Saskatoon Public Schools


Improving Students’ Learning & Achievement
“Improving Students’ Learning & Achievement” is central to our leadership. All other leadership activities are instrumental to this central purpose. We mean a rich version of learning for ALL students.

Foundations of Leadership for Learning
Beliefs: We must believe in our students and in ourselves if students are to succeed as learners. We are guided by the moral imperative to raise & level the learning bar for all students. 

Vision: We understand that developing and working from a compelling and hopeful vision that is shared by our staff and community is necessary to propel learning improvement. 

Relationships: Our relationships with staff, parents, and community members provide the emotional connections and energy necessary for improvement. Our strong relationships enable courageous professional conversations that are vital for success. 

Culture: We enhance structures, working conditions, and relationships to create a vibrant and positive learning culture.

Vital Processes
Communicating: We communicate clearly and effectively with students, staff, parents, and the community. We listen actively and take every opportunity to communicate personally.
Managing: Our schools are well organized. We attend to the details of safety, finance, human resources, and facilities where compliance with norms and regulations is important. 

Aligning: We use precious resources to the full advantage of our students by aligning time, finances, and professional development to accomplishing the established priorities.

Monitoring: To ensure that students are learning successfully, we constantly review data regarding students’ learning performance and teachers’ implementation of expected practices. 

Four Central Concepts
Setting & Living Priorities: Focused, Resolute Action: We work with our staff members and communities to ensure that a small number of clear priorities for learning improvement are set and pursued every day. Such priorities are worthy of persistent effort over many years.

Leading & Engaging in Learning: Stimulating Inquiry: We actively participate with our teachers in learning about effective learning & assessment. We intellectually stimulate our teachers to inquire into their practice & to participate in research-based professional development.

Ensuring Expected Practice: Participating in Curriculum, Instruction, & Assessment: We actively participate with our teachers in making decisions about the technical core of learning. We are visible participants in classrooms and we are accountable for our teachers’ practices.  

Sharing Leadership: Building Strong Teams: We encourage, enable, and model a collaborative professional practice. We cultivate and widely distributed leadership in our schools.