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Move To Grow . . . Independence

November 26, 2018

move to grow independence image.jpgAs parents and educators, we know learning is enhanced by rehearsal and practice. This is true with any learning whether it be the letters of the alphabet, how to play guitar, or developing the skill of independence. Thinking about letting your child walk to school?

Here are some tips to prepare yourself and your child:

  • Plan the route your child will take to school. A neighbourhood map is available on the school website.
  • Rehearse the route by walking it together and continue to rehearse until you both feel comfortable.
  • Along your walk, identify any safety hazards, as well as safe places for your child to go if they need help.
  • Still aren't sure about your child walking independently? Contact other parents in your community to see if they have kids who walk to school in order to create a walking group.

With rehearsal, education and planning, the walk to school can be one of your child's first steps towards learning independence.