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May 7, 2020, Update

May 07, 2020

classroom_news.jpgA message from Barry MacDougall, Director of Education Saskatoon Public Schools

 Dear parents and caregivers,

 Today, the Government of Saskatchewan announced in-class learning will be suspended through the end of the academic year in June. While this was anticipated, this announcement confirms that our schools will remain closed. You can read the announcement on the provincial government's website.

While we cannot gather in classrooms, our supplemental learning plan will continue. I am pleased to hear that so many students and families have opted-in and are continuing to engage in learning. While the provincial government previously stated that all students will move on to the next grade, engaging in supplemental learning helps students prepare for the coming year, work towards valuable curricular outcomes without lowering their current marks, and maintain a vital connection to their teacher and fellow students.

Pursuing supplemental learning is difficult for many families. Juggling the class work of children – in some families, many children – along with work demands is stressful enough. This is multiplied as everyone navigates the many restrictions on daily activities in order to keep our selves, loved ones, and fellow community members safe.

At our board meeting this week, our trustees heard from three teachers about how they are approaching the supplemental learning plan, how they are working with students and families, and how they are balancing it with their own demands at home. One of the teachers shared with our board that she frequently tells parents that whatever they are doing is enough. I wholeheartedly agree.

Supplemental learning must work for your family. Whether it is reading for a few minutes a day or helping with the completion of all assignments, whatever amount you can do with your child is enough.

For those who are not taking part in supplemental learning, you are welcome to start anytime before the end of June – simply contact your teacher or school.

The provincial Education Response Planning Team is beginning work with education sector partners on what in-class learning may look like this fall. As always, the safety of our students, staff members, and community will be a priority in any decision making. We will continue to share information with you as we receive direction from the provincial government.

Thank you for your continued understanding and support. Stay healthy and stay safe at home.

Barry MacDougall,
Director of Education Saskatoon Public Schools