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August 12 Update Online Learning

August 13, 2020

Online learning delivered by Saskatoon Public Schools teachers will be available for kindergarten to Grade 12 students during the 2020-21 school year.

The school division is expanding online learning programming to accommodate families seeking an online or at-home learning experience for their student. Programming is developed and delivered by SPS teachers and is available is at no cost to families through Saskatoon Public Schools' Online Learning Centre (OLC).

Registration is open for the 2020-21 school year and families are asked to make a fully informed decision to participate and commit to online learning. Registration and enrolment commitments are critical in order to allocate staffing resources to meet the needs of students. Students need to be prepared for virtual learning and will be expected to engage in daily virtual instruction. 

Registered kindergarten to Grade 9 students will take all required Saskatchewan Curriculum areas of study: English language arts, mathematics, science, social science, health education, arts education and physical education. Students in Grade 10-12 can choose from a selection of more than 40 courses in order to earn a complete high school diploma. Additional courses may be added depending on student registration and interest.

Elementary Program

The elementary program for kindergarten to Grade 8 will offer full-time curriculum options in a fully online method. Students will use Google Classroom and additional technology tools to facilitate learning. Online programming will be provided through both synchronous (teacher online with the students at the same time) and asynchronous (students access course content on their own at any time) delivery models.

The virtual OLC classrooms will be comparable in size and composition to other elementary classes in the division and may include students from a variety of schools.  The exact composition of virtual classrooms will be based on enrolment. 

For kindergarten to Grade 8 registration, families are asked to complete the full-time registration form and to let their local school principal know of their intent to register with the OLC virtual school.

Collegiate Program

Students in Grade 9-12 have an option to register part-time or full-time in the OLC. Full-time students may take up to two classes at a time over five sessions (two months each) for a total of 10 possible classes. Part-time students may take one class at a time and remain enrolled at their home collegiate for a second, in-person class. Programming for high school students is delivered through the Blackboard system.

For Grade 9-12 registration, students may, with the support parents/guardians, register on a part-time or full-time basis. Please inform Student Services at your home collegiate of your intent to register with the OLC virtual school. Students may choose to make an appointment with their collegiate counsellor to discuss their graduation plan prior to registering.  To make an appointment, contact your collegiate. Collegiate counsellors return to schools Aug. 19.

Specialized Programs

French and Cree immersion online programming may be available. If immersion students later choose to return to in-class learning, they would be eligible to return to school-based language immersion programs. All other elementary and collegiate Unique Programs will not be offered in an online format. For single year or partial year unique programs, students who choose online learning will not be able to rejoin the unique program partway through the school year. 

Wait lists will be paused for multi-year programs such as SAGE and Montessori. Families who choose online learning will not lose their spot in the program as this is a temporary vacancy. Wait lists will still be used if there are permanent vacancies, such as a student moving to a different school division or program. 

Students who enrol full time in online learning may be eligible for support services such as English as an Additional Language (EAL) or resource. For students who require EAL or special needs programming, the implications and challenges of delivering an individualized program in an online format should be discussed with the child's support team prior to enrolment. An online learning plan for students with additional and intensive supports will be developed with the online teacher, student support team, and families as required.

In order to support equitable access to online learning, Saskatoon Public Schools can make technology and connectivity available to families, depending on the need and availability of refurbished equipment.  

For more information about the Online Learning Centre visit