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Saskatoon Public Schools
Inspiring Learning
Vision & Values

We envisage a future in which enthusiasm runs like an undercurrent of energy throughout Saskatoon Public Schools. Our schools will be vibrant and proud. Our students and staff will feel that they are part of something fresh and innovative. There will be a sense that exciting things are happening and students and staff will meet each day with optimism.

When you walk down the hallways in Saskatoon's public schools you will be greeted warmly by students and staff. You will hear the sounds of those engaged in learning, including the sound of laughter.

When students finish the day in our schools, they will have a feeling of accomplishment. They will have focused their energy on meeting challenges, asking questions, offering solutions, and opening new doors. Each day they will renew their curiosity, passion, and joy through learning.

In our school division, every individual will be valued. We will recognize that every person has personal, physical, spiritual, emotional, and intellectual needs. We will acknowledge a multitude of learning styles to ensure that all members of our learning community have the opportunity to develop their potential.

We will build our confidence by acknowledging and celebrating success, by accepting mistakes as a natural and necessary part of learning, by nurturing the imagination, and by supporting individual growth.

In the pursuit of our vision, we will be value-driven and people-centered. We will honour our commitments. We will invest in relationships to strengthen our sense of place and purpose in the educational and broader communities.

Saskatoon Public Schools envision a learning community that is caring, committed to celebrating diversity, and respected for its focus on learning. We believe we can create a future in which students eagerly embrace learning. We believe that learning has the power to build confidence and inspire hope.

Guiding Principles


Saskatoon Public Schools inspires and sustains learning. We are open to all children and youth so they may discover, develop, and act upon their potential, thereby enriching their lives and our community.

Our Students 

Our students will engage in relevant and challenging learning opportunities to enhance their academic, personal, and social/cultural growth.

Our People

Our people will be committed to a constructive educational culture that values people, excellence, and life-long learning.

Our Organization

Our organization will be principled, innovative, collaborative, accountable, and effective.

Our Community

We seek to build with our community shared ownership and responsibility for the well-being and education of children and youth.

Principles and Beliefs

We adhere to the following principles:

  • Integrity
  • Trust
  • Honesty
  • Mutual Respect
  • Courage
  • Commitment

We believe that:

  • Students are our top priority
  • Public education provides a valuable service to society
  • Education is a shared responsibility among school, family, and community
  • Our organization is accountable to students, parents, and ratepayers
  • Diversity, inclusion, and equity are the keys to building a supportive climate
  • Planning, research, innovation, and evaluation improve education
  • Lifelong learning is critical to the success of our students and staff
  • Creativity, initiative, and teamwork enhance learning

Student Learning Goals

Academic Development Goals
  • Communication and Computation - Students will learn to read, write, speak and listen effectively. Students will learn important mathematical skills, concepts and problem solving processes.
  • Critical and Creative Thinking - Students will learn and apply critical and creative thinking processes.
  • Lifelong-Learning - Students will develop the skills, interests and desire to pursue learning throughout their lives.

Personal Development Goals

  • Healthy Lifestyles — Students will practice healthy lifestyles that promote physical and emotional well-being.
  • A Sense of Personal Worth and Dignity — Students will develop a sense of personal worth and dignity.
  • Moral, Ethical and Spiritual Values — Students will display ethical conduct harmonious with the ideals of a democratic society and consistent with the values of respect, responsibility, excellence and joy.

Social and Cultural Development Goals

  • Growing with Change — Students will develop knowledge, attitudes and behaviours to both influence and accept change.
  • Democratic and Responsible Decision-Making — Students will develop the knowledge and respect for democratic institutions and the process of government, as well as the desire to participate in the democratic decision-making process.
  • Respect for Others — Students will demonstrate a respect for cultures, values, political and religious beliefs of others.
  • World Citizenship— Students will participate actively in the local community, realize the rights and responsibilities of citizenship, and demonstrate a commitment to social justice.

Student Values

  • Respect — cooperation, compassion, acceptance of diversity, respect for others, respect for self, self-control, honesty.
  • Responsibility — freedom, service, justice, respect for the environment, responsibility.
  • Excellence — pursuit of truth, excellence.
  • Joy — self-fulfillment, joy