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Nutrien contributes to Food4Thought program in Saskatoon Public Schools

November 24, 2016

snack_web.jpgThe ongoing financial support of Nutrien is playing a key role in feeding the body and mind of students in Saskatoon Public Schools through its support of school nutrition programs.

Nutrien's  $150,000 to the Saskatoon Public Schools Foundation for the 2019-20 school year supports students through the Food4Thought program. 

The Foundation's Food4Thought program supports the ongoing efforts to provide daily nutritious meals and community garden programs in 20 public schools.

Students who come to school hungry can be less attentive and less receptive to learning. The generous, ongoing support of Nutrien helps the foundation and the school division provide nutritious food to students so they are well-nourished and able to learn.

Nutrien's annual commitment continues a valuable partnership that plays an important role in responding to the needs of students and school communities.