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Prerequisite:  Health Science 20  or Enviromental Science 20

Description: This course includes the theory of evolution, the chemical basis of life, the study of cells, classical and molecular genetics, basic metabolism and DNA replication, transcription and translation. The anatomy (structure) and physiology (function) of human systems will also be studied.
Required Textbook:
McDougal Littell Biology (2008) – Stephen Nowickil.
Students registered in this course will be provided with a licensing key to access an electronic version of this text.
ISBN  978-0-618-59658-4
Additional Requirements:
Email that handles attachments
Current Browser - Java enabled
Current Versions of: Flash Player, Quick Time, Adobe Acrobat Reader, Powerpoint Viewer
Access to high speed internet
Word Processor that saves as .doc or .rtf
Access to a fax machine or scanner (ability to scan to PDF format)