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Our Course Offerings 2019-2020 (Subject To Change)
​​​English Language Arts
Creative Writing 20 Mr. Dan Clarke
Creative Writing 30 Mr. Patrick Davis
ELA A10 Mr. Dan Clarke
​ELA B10 Mr. Patrick Davis
​ELA 20 Mr. Patrick Davis
​ELA A30 Mr. Dan Clarke
​ELA B30 Mr. Patrick Davis
Journalism 20 (1st Semester) Mr. Mitch Lowe
​Second Language
German 10 / 20 / 30 (2nd semester)​Mr. James Funk​ Ens
​Wellness/Physical Education
Wellness 10 (1st semester)
Mr. Jason Schneider

Math 10 Workplace & Apprentice Mr. Sherry Vetter
​Math 10 Foundations & Pre-Calculus Mr. Dan Ouellet​
Math 20 Pre-Calculus
​Ms. Sherry Vetter / Mr. David Dean
Mathématiques Pré-Calcul 20 (2nd semester) Mr. Dan Ouellet​
Math 20 Foundations Mr. Dan Ouellet​
Math 20 Workplace & Apprentice Mr. Bryan Craig
Math 30 Workplace & Apprentice Mr. Bryan Craig
Math 30 Pre-Calculus
Mr. David Dean
Math 30 Foundations ​Mr. Bryan Craig / Ms. Sherry Vetter​​
 Calculus 30 (2nd semester) Ms. Sherry Vetter​​
​Biology 30 Mr. Jessie Ens / Ms. Kathryn Larson
Physical Sciences 20 (1st semester) Mr. Jordan Witzaney
Chemistry 30 Mr. Bryan Craig
Computer Science 20 Mr. Stefan Scott​ / Ms. Angeline Esler
Computer Science 30 Mr. Stefan Scott​
Physics 30 Ms. Angeline Esler / Mr. Jesse Ens
​​Social Sciences
History 30 Mr. Martin May​
​Native Studies 30 Mr. Martin May​
Law 30 Mr. Martin May​
Geography 30 (1st semester)
Mr. Mitch Lowe
Psychology 30
Ms. Angeline Esler
​​Practical and Applied Arts
Accounting 10 Mr. Jason Schnieder
Accounting 20 Mr. Jason Schnieder
Accounting 30 ​Mr. Jason Schnieder
​Communication Media 20 ​Mr. Scott St. Pierre
​Communication Media 30
​Mr. Scott St. Pierre
Comm. Media 20 (French Immersion) ​Mr. Dan Ouellet​
Comm. Media 30 (French Immersion)​
​Mr. Dan Ouellet​
Photography 20 (1st semester) Mr. Mitch Lowe