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July 2020 Outcome Completion

Outcome Completion is to be offered to eligible students at the end of the semester once evstudents-looking-laptop.jpgery attempt to complete the course on time, or come as close as possible to on time, is exhausted.

July 2020 Outcome Completion is available to Saskatoon Public School students who:

  • have not or will not complete a course by the end of June 2020.
  • have demonstrated proficiency in at least 30% of the course outcomes, but less than 50%.
  • have demonstrated a commitment to completing the course in July.
  • accept the opportunity to complete the course in July.
  • have parents who have agreed to the opportunity.
  • attend a MANDITORY ZOOM session on Friday, June 26th @ 10am. (Under exceptional circumstances, the student can arrange to meet with their July teacher earlier that week).

Talk with your Saskatoon Public School counsellor for more information.


Saskatoon Public Schools' counsellors, teachers and administrators can find more detailed information on how to sign up a student in need of a little extra time at the following link: