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PRE-REQ: French 9 or teacher approval

This grade 10 course will reinforce and emphasize the concepts presented in Grade 9.  Text writing, analysis, and translation are introduced through group scenes, exercises, and storytelling.  We will continue to explore and expand students’ ability to improvise.  There will be an opportunity to experience local French theatre.  The units of study include traditional French folklore, French music (Franco-musique), and relationships (connaissance de soi et des autres).  It is essential that students understand that they will be required to participate physically and orally in class.  There are exciting travel and bursary opportunities for students who participate in this program and who complete grade 10 French.  These include France and Quebec.


Study includes units dedicated to the vocabulary and grammatical structures needed to discuss such themes as the family, planning trips to French-speaking milieu and the newspaper and magazine media.  Evaluation is much along the same lines as previous years with both oral and written expectations.


Throughout the high school French program experiential and communicative approaches are used.  The students study themes that are familiar to them, themes that they have experienced or that continue to affect their lives in some capacity.  The program requires students to learn the vocabulary and grammatical structures needed to communicate their own experiences.

In French 30, the students will study the following units or themes: world issues, crimes and violence, the media, language and culture of the world, racism and discrimination, personal independence, life after school, and young peoples’ reaction to events happening in the world.