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The Diploma Programme Curriculum
Over a two year period, IB Diploma students study six academic subjects, one from each group, although a second group 2-4 subject may supplant group 6. Three subjects are studied at the higher level and three at the standard level.
In September 2013, Bedford Road Collegiate is offering the following International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme subjects:
    • *Group 1 - Language A: Literature (English), HL

    • Group 2 - Language B: French B, SL; French ab initio, SL
    • Group 3 - Individuals and Societies: History, HL
    • Group 4 - Experimental Sciences: Biology, HL and/or Chemistry, SL
    • Group 5 - Mathematics: Math Standard Level
    • Group 6 - Arts/Electives: Visual Arts, SL
IB Diploma students must also fulfill the requirements of the Theory of Knowledge (ToK), Creativity,
IB UofS Bio FT (6).JPG
Action, Service (CAS)
and the Extended Essay (EE). ToK encourages students to consider what they know, how they know it and how areas of knowledge overlap. The EE allows a Diploma candidate to
do independent research in a subject and on a topic of interest.
The CAS requirement encourages students to develop their potential in creative and active pursuits as well as to develop a spirit of community service. Click right for a printable brochure in pdf format and a detailed list of course descriptions.
* A BILINGUAL IB Diploma is optional for those students who meet the requirements. Contact the school for more information.
Students who are interested in IB (grades 7 -10) should contact the school. It is important to be aware of the course options that will satisfy the pre-requisites for the IB Diploma Programme. The Advanced Program (not mandatory) at Bedford Road at the Grade 9 and Grade 10 levels offers appropriate programming in preparation for the IB Diploma Programme.

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