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English as an Additional Language
Centennial Collegiate offers support to students who are learning English. The goal of supporting English language learners is to enable them to succeed academically and complete graduation requirements.
Support to learn English may be provided in two ways: direct instruction classes and EAL support classes. Specific course offerings will depend on enrolment and student need at Centennial Collegiate.
Direct instruction classes are focused on language proficiency: the ability to speak, read, write, and listen with comprehension. The direct instruction class may take themes from content classes such as social studies, math, science or English Language Arts in an effort to build the vocabulary and academic skills necessary for students to be fully integrated into the regular classroom.  Most direct instruction classes may provide an elective credit. They may be offered at all levels of language proficiency and for all grades.
An EAL support class is a period in which a student can receive additional time and assistance to complete course work from his/her classes. There is no credit for this class.
Language learning is a process that takes a lot of time and hard work. The speed at which a student learns the language is affected by many factors. Students should consult with the Student Services counsellor and/or EAL teacher to choose their classes.