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Centennial Collegiate
Inspiring Learning
Dance Academy

​The goal of the Centennial Collegiate Dance Academy is to provide an environment for students to develop their technique and knowledge of dance in a variety of dance styles in the dance studio.

This program is designed to improve physical fitness, strength, flexibility, and self-confidence as a dancer. Any student passionate about dance with previous dance training would enjoy the opportunities and experiences that the Dance Academy can offer.​ Those students that enjoy dancing but have never had any previous dance training could also learn more about dance with other students at the beginner level.

Dance Academy pairs classes in Physical Education, Dance and Wellness. Using performing arts space, as well as a special classroom with an installed dance floor, our dance academy uses an innovative approach to learning. Students combine their passion for dance with their academic life, making for a stronger attachment to school and greater success both during​ and after the school years.

Dance students have the opportunity to perform at our winter and spring dance recitals as well as at pep rallies and school events. â€‹