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Centennial Collegiate
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Centennial initiatives create smooth transition to high school learning

February 02, 2021

Centennial Collegiate is an innovative, fast-paced, and modern educational facility located in the University Heights area. Centennial has built a tradition of excellence in academics, athletics, fine arts, and music. We are proud of our students' many accomplishments both in academics and extracurricular.

Our partnerships with our school community council, the Saskatoon Soccer Centre, and the City of Saskatoon symbolize our commitment to new ways of learning and help to create community.

Centennial is a place to realize one's potential, to aim high, and to become a lifelong learner. Centennial Collegiate Chargers value honour, respect, and service.


Centennial Collegiate is a diverse and inclusive community. We have students represented from many different countries and from all areas of Saskatoon. Students requiring additional support, enrichment, modification, second language support, or hands-on programming will find academic courses and extracurricular activities to meet their needs.

In addition to our academic program, students will find that extracurricular options such as Allies in Action club and Spirit of Youth club provide opportunities to meet specific needs around well-being, gender, and cultural awareness

At Centennial, we strive to create a positive and safe school environment that empowers our students personally, socially, and academically.


July-2020-register-with-us.jpgAt Centennial Collegiate, there are initiatives to help students transition to high school with ease and confidence. Students from our area elementary schools are invited to Centennial Collegiate during their Grade 8 year to watch drama, dance, and band productions, as well as sporting events. By the time Grade 9 starts, many students know their way around the school and feel comfortable navigating the hallways, becoming involved with drama productions and sports teams, and experiencing the many clubs at Centennial Collegiate. In past years, more than 80 per cent of our students in Grade 9 are involved in an extracurricular program.

Teachers from elementary schools and Centennial Collegiate meet to consider academic programming that will assist students in being successful in Grade 9. This commitment to excellence helps students quickly adjust to the rigour of high school, with the majority of our Grade 9s attaining honour roll status at midterm.

Centennial Collegiate prides itself on having many academic opportunities for students. The soccer and dance academies, which allow students to discover or pursue a passion, are popular programs for Grade 9 students.

Parlez-vous français? Centennial Collegiate offers French Immersion for those wanting to earn their bilingual certificate in French. The Grade 9 French Immersion Program sees students take Français A, Français B, Sciences Humaines, Mathématiques, Practical and Applied Arts Science, English Language Arts, Arts Education, Physical Education/Health/Career. Students choose one elective.

Centennial's Math 9 Plus and focused English classes help students who require more support in math and English. This individualized program gives students specialized instruction in math to help prepare them for the various math pathways in Grade 10.

The Grade 9 practical and applied arts survey course options are Independent Living (foods and sewing) or an Industrial Arts survey (woodworking and drafting).

Every attempt is made to keep Grade 9 classes small so each student can connect to their teacher, thus improving a student's success.