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The Four Challenges
1. Academic Challenge:
First and foremost this program provides an academic challenge. Relevant and meaningful learning takes place through first hand experience and exploration in the best place possible to learn. Students often work independently or in small groups to complete challenging projects. They are given increased responsibility for their learning and they are expected to manage their time and to make decisions that enhance achievement. The teachers facilitate and guide this learning process.
2. Physical Challenge:
This program provides a strong physical challenge as students are very active in outdoor pursuits on a daily basis. Cycling, running, walking, paddling, nordic skiing, snowshoeing, wall climbing and camping in the outdoors requires an excellent fitness level and Ecoquest supports improved fitness and healthy attitudes as a way of life.
3. Emotional Challenge:
This program provides a unique and dramatic emotional challenge. Students form a close-knit community as they work together to solve problems academically, socially and physically in a variety of challenging learning environments. Students take immense pride in their independence, responsibility and success in the face of authentic outdoor challenges (in all types of weather!) Their confidence grows as they solve new problems and accomplish their learning goals with a supportive community.
4. Spiritual Challenge
Throughout the Ecoquest year, students have an opportunity to develop a meaningful relationship with nature. A greater appreciation for the natural world often results in healthier decision making and respectful stewardship in their future lives.