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FLEX Program

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New Student Registration for 2022-23

To register your student for the FLEX Program for the 2022-23 school year you can complete the printable form and send it to 

Printable Form: CityPark-Grade 6-12 Registration Form-Flex Program.pdf

Online Registration Form - FLEX

Once complete, the registration form will be submitted to the school. Administrators will then contact the student and family to complete the remaining steps in the process:

  • Welcome the student and go through the registration form;
  • Support the student in selecting appropriate classes;
  • Provide any additional information about registration and our school. 


The FLEX -- Flexible Schedule, Blended Learning -- Program is designed for students in Grade 6 to Grade 12 who wish to combine their education with pursuits that are often found outside school offerings. The FLEX program has recently added grade 6 to the program; 2020-21 was the first year with grade 6 being offered. 

Students with skills in areas of fine arts and athletics often have opportunities to pursue training at a higher or more rigorous level, but many times the best opportunity to develop those skills may be during regular school hours.

The FLEX Program allows students to pursue skill development outside of traditional school offerings. Students receive face-to-face as well as online learning instruction and the expectation and success of the learning program is a quality education in a flexible learning environment.

  • Enrolment for students in grade 6 -12
  • Program-dedicated teachers;
  • Flexible school-day schedule to meet individual needs;
  • A blend of face-to-face instruction and guidance as well as online learning opportunities;
  • Segments of the grade-related curricular outcomes may be developed through online offerings for students. This is supported by teachers at school as well as working with parents to ensure learning outcomes are met;
  • Grade 10, 11, and 12 programming offered through a partnership with the Online Learning Centre in some courses;
  • A blended learning opportunity that allows flexibility for the student as well as support by the teacher involved during the school day;
  • Students entering this program must meet the criteria of significant hours and involvement in a specific skill training opportunity (fine arts or athletics) that is held outside of the school;
  • The cost involved for a student joining an outside organization and transportation to or from school is entirely the responsibility of the parent/family/organization; and
  • Communication between school/student and parent as well as the outside organization will be critical for everyone’s success.

**Students must be enrolled in a program that requires a flexible schedule. If students discontinue their activity after registration, a transition to another school would occur in collaboration with families and within a reasonable time frame.

For more information download a copy of the FLEX Program brochure or contact City Park School at 306-683-7550.