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Outdoor School
Join the Outdoor School program for the opportunity of a lifetime. Travel throughout the province and embark on a semester-long outdoor adventure with 23 new friends as you earn five regular academic credits. You won’t find bells or desks in our classroom(s), but you will find backcountry camping, white-water canoeing, backpacking, cycling, wall climbing, skiing, snowboarding and more!  We play hard and we work hard.
Study boreal forest ecology as you paddle through some of the world’s most beautiful northern lakes. Immerse yourself in the natural history of the plains bison as you hike along side them in their historic grasslands. Experience ecological sustainability as you work along side some of our province’s most innovative thinkers and discover the secrets of Saskatoon’s past, present, and future through our study of urban geography. You will discover a new level of confidence as you are engaged in a number of integrated research projects that lead to five regular Grade 11 credits in Earth Science 30, English Language Arts 20, Environmental Science 20, Geography 20, and Physical Education 20.
Not the outdoorsy type? No problem! Our course is designed to give you all the skills that you might require. We cover a range of outdoor training that includes how to dress for the outdoors, fire building, map & compass, survival skills, packing and much more!  We also have all the specialized gear that you might require including canoes, paddles, PFDs, skis, snowshoes, large backpacks, sleeping bags, thermarests, tents, and camp kitchens.  For one high school semester take a chance on something different . . . and step into the outdoors!
Feel free to contact the teachers of the outdoor school if you have any questions at 306-222-4275.  Application packages are available on our website or from the Student Services office in each high school. Visit our Facebook page for more information.
Download a copy of the program brochure to learn more about what Outdoor School has to offer students.

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