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Information for parents, caregivers about possible job action

February 25, 2020

The Saskatchewan Teachers Federation (STF) is engaged in contract negotiations with the Government Trustee Bargaining Committee, which represents the provincial government and all Saskatchewan school divisions. Members of the STF have voted in favour of job action, which could include withdrawal from extracurricular activities, withdrawal of noon-hour supervision, rotating strikes, or a general strike.

We respect the collective bargaining rights of our staff members. For now, school will continue as scheduled. However, we want families to be prepared should job action impact school operations. Our school division’s focus is on the safety of students and minimizing disruption to their learning.

Communication will be critical during this time. If job action is announced, we will share information with families as soon as possible. This will be done through email and letters from the school, as well as updates to our division website, school websites, and social media accounts. In the event we receive short notice about job action, our school division will use the Everbridge notification system, which will send messages by phone, text, and email simultaneously.

We are committed to maintaining the integrity of our classrooms and schools. Any communication to parents and caregivers regarding job action will be focused on school operations.

If you have questions regarding school operations, please contact your school principal.

If you have questions about the negotiations, please contact the elected trustee for your school.

(This letter was sent to the parents and caregivers of Saskatoon Public Schools students)