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Evan Hardy Collegiate
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Secondary Autism/Asperger’s Resource Room
The Secondary Autism/Asperger‘s Resource Room program is for students who have a diagnosis of high functioning Autism or Asperger‘s Syndrome. Students enrolled in this program benefit from individual programming with the goal of inclusion in regular programming, or to receive individual programming within the Resource Room. Students within the Autism Spectrum often benefit from having access to a Resource Room for quiet seat work, one on one assistance, tutorial, or online classes. Classroom teachers will work together with the Resource Room teacher to implement strategies which support student learning. This class is a non-credit elective.  Direct instruction in social skills is provided through in-class lessons, interaction with classmates, and with typical peers. Transition planning is a major component of the program including several work experience opportunities. Students are able to work on specific social skills at work such as preparing for a job interviews, or appropriate social interaction at work. Opportunities to participate in community activities and planning for post-secondary options can also be done on an individual basis.