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Evan Hardy Collegiate
Inspiring Learning

Grade 9 program offers blend of academics, athletics and arts

January 09, 2019

ehci_nws.jpgEvan Hardy Collegiate has a rich tradition in academics, athletics and the performing arts, all of which are blended into our Grade 9 programming. We offer a wide variety of experiences to meet the unique and diverse needs of our learning community.

From the time our Grade 9 team engages in the transition process with our elementary schools, our focus is on creating a safe and successful move to high school for students. Student Services counsellors, support program teachers and Grade 9 teachers prepare well in advance to ensure student strengths and needs are well known and accommodated before Grade 8 students reach our hallways.

Our classes— whether they be regular, enriched or individually modified— blend a strong provincial curriculum with our school goal to "engage all Souls in an inclusive and responsive learning culture." Student progress is closely monitored and communicated with students, staff and parents to ensure learners' needs are continually evaluated, students are appropriately challenged and success is celebrated.

Co-teaching, offered in most Grade 9 core subject areas, and the Math 9 Plus Program allow for individualized and remedial instruction to students who need it. Our collegiate also offers the Saskatoon Academically Gifted Education (SAGE) program in Grade 9-10 and Advanced Placement courses for students in senior grades.

Our practical and applied arts survey course offerings for Grade 9 includes opportunities in: computer drafting, woodworking, sewing, and foods.

Ongoing counselling and support programs are available for all students. Teachers, staff and students work hard to create an atmosphere of support and belonging. A yearly fall retreat allows the Grade 9 class to nurture a sense of identity and community. Evan Hardy promotes opportunities for students to "Soulabrate" school success through assemblies, pep rallies, and exciting SRC events. Our extracurricular program allows students to stretch their talents, interests and skills.

Evan Hardy has a rich tradition of highly respected academic and extracurricular programs. We are committed to our school motto of "Excellence in All Things" and continue to find ways to improve upon our proud traditions. We support a community committed to learning and personal growth by providing an atmosphere wherein all students have opportunities to strive for excellence in all pursuits and to act upon their potential. Evan Hardy is an exciting learning environment and boasts many unique and innovative programs.

We are proud to be home to students from many nations as well as all areas of Saskatoon. Students will find that all learning styles and learning needs are recognized and supported within our curricular programming. Our vast range of extracurricular opportunities will provide students with avenues to make deeper connections within the school community. Our school size, committed staff and students, and caring community help us to create a safe and inclusive environment for all students.