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Greystone Heights School
Inspiring Learning
Gifted Education (SAGE) Program

Program Philosophy

Students who are identified as gifted and talented have special needs. The SAGE program provides differentiated learning experiences beyond those normally provided in the regular program to satisfy the level of educational potential indicated. The program is guided by current research on the nature of giftedness and the learning needs of gifted students.


Selection Process

Greystone Heights School is one of three elementary schools in the Saskatoon Public School Division that is home to a gifted education program called "SAGE." This program is offered to students in Grades 5-8 on the east side of Saskatoon who qualify for this program.  Students are identified for the program in the Grade 4 year by using group intelligence and achievement tests, as well as teacher recommendations.  Parents are also able to recommend that their child be screened for the program.

The Grade 4 teacher completes a referral form that is intended to provide a multitude of information (i.e.: indicators of a student's cognitive abilities, academic achievement, performance in a variety of settings, interests, creativity, motivation, learning characteristics and behavior) from a variety of sources (i.e.: test scores, school grades, comments by teachers and parents).

All of the data provided for each student are reviewed by the admissions committee using a selection criteria rubric.  A maximum of 28 students are chosen for the Grade five class. The remainder of the students who meet the criteria are placed in a waiting pool, and may be invited to join the program if an opening becomes available. In all cases, the appropriateness of the decision will be monitored and periodically reviewed to make sure that it continues to be a good fit for the student.