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Holliston School
Inspiring Learning
Holliston School Program Advantages

Holliston School Program Advantages
Educational Program
路         Kindercare Program within the school in partnership with Preston Early Learning Centre
路         Drop-in Before and After School Care program on site in partnership with Preston Early Learning Centre
路         Licensed Before and after School Day Care on site in partnership with Preston Early Learning Centre
路         Pre School on site for 3 and 4 year olds
路         Strong Literacy Focus 鈥 Literacy for Life Program
路         Math education program including strong focus on Computational Fluency
路         Technology literacy and integration
路         Innovative Learning Software used in classroom work and Resource Program
路         Strong Curricular orientation to Integration and Inquiry
路         Very intensive staff development in research-based instruction and assessment
路         Focus on Integration of First Nations Treaty Literacy and comprehensive learning about First Nations culture and ways of knowing. 
路         Supervised Lunchroom
路         Care Partners program
路         Regular Phys. Ed. Instruction from a PE specialist for students K-8
路         Games and activities that promote a healthy learning environment
路         Out-of school education program to take advantage of learning opportunities in the community
路         Assemblies with all K-8 students
路         Arts Integration with other subject areas
路         Shared Cultural Experiences to reflect the many countries and cultures in our school.
路         Teacher Librarian and Library Technician
路         Two Resource Teachers
路         One English as an Additional Language Teacher
路         Educational Associates in classrooms
路         Band Program, grade 6-8 (compulsory in grade 6)
路         Arts Education specialist
路         School Counselor, Speech and Language pathologist, Educational Psychologist
路         Community Health Nurse
路         Consultants in all subject areas
路         Large, well-equipped Gym and Stage area.
Other Enrichments and Strengths
路         Athletics (Basketball, Volleyball, Indoor and Outdoor Track, Cross-Country)
路         School Band grade 6-8
路         Choir
路         Student Leadership Team
路         Outdoor Education 鈥 Camping and Field Trips
路         Play day
路         A Core Value 鈥 Caring for Students
路         Strongly supportive School Community Council
路         Holliston Community Association
路         Learning Resource Centre
路         Indoor Recess activities on indoor days
路         Spirit Days and Hot Lunches
路         Cultural Programs
路         Wireless access for all students
路         Outdoor Rink
路         Enhanced Creative Playground
路         Large School Grounds