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We have a variety of clubs at our school, including:


The art club is open to any student who enjoys making art. No talent is required! We meet during lunches and you can join whenever you want. We will use a variety of mediums; the choice is yours!

CHANGE IT! Environmental Action & Social Justice / INTERACT
At Marion Graham students have made a commitment to environmental issues and social justice. Change It! takes action on different issues around poverty, water access, food security, human and animal rights, child welfare, and environmental sustainability.  We work together on these sustainable projects in the school, community,  nation, and the world.  From protecting coral reefs and boreal forests, to providing hundreds of meals in the community, to organizing Youth Spoken Word fundraisers, our projects are creative, fun, and work to change our world for the better.  Change It! also organizes our school attendance to We Day - a concert to inspire social action throughout the year in Saskatchewan. 

The Interact Club is a social gathering for members of Change It.  These events are planned by students once a month. The purpose is to develop friendships and extend connections between new and returning students in a relaxed and fun activity.

The Horror Thriller Book Club is a club exclusive to Marion Graham.  We get together several times a year to read and discuss novels from the Horror and Thriller genres.  Students get discounts on books, free books for Summer reading, and a great opportunity to make friends with like-minded interests and hobbies.  All are welcome!


This club has two parts to it - the canoe and out-tripping portion and cross-country skiing. We do a shorter canoe trip in the fall and a large group canoe trip in the spring.

The cross-country ski club is set-up to promote active living in Saskatchewan’s great winter environment. Students are taught the basics of cross-country skiing skills through weekly practices. The club starts in late November and culminates in a late winter 3 day ski-touring trip in Duck Mountain Provincial Park where students will learn how to build a snow-shelter and other winter camping skills.

Marion Graham Light & Sound provides audio-visual services that support a wide range of school activities.  We work with other groups to help take care of the technical aspects of pep rallies, dances, music concerts, the musical, variety night, among many other events.  This club will teach you how to setup stage gear, the basics of stage lighting, and operating a sound board.  Students in grades 10-12 are able to sign up for a special project credit for their work with the club.  All students with an interest in learning these skills are welcome to join and at a time commitment level that fits with their schedule.

Math contests are available for all grade levels at Marion Graham.  They are sponsored by the University of Waterloo.  They start each year in February.  Students of all mathematical ability are encouraged to participate.

The spoken word club is for students who want to develop or share their love of poetry! Students in this club will create powerful pieces, share their work with friends, learn through workshops with established writers, and even compete in youth slams!

The Students’ Representative Council is an organization run by students, for students. It's a great way to meet new people and have a hand in planning activities. Committees include: Pep Rally, Seasonal Events, Special Events and Publicity. Some of the positions are elected by the student body while others are chosen via an interview process. In total, there are approximately 30 positions available.

Variety Night is MMGCI’s annual talent show. It is held in the early spring and is designed to showcase the incredible talent we have at Marion Graham. It is open to any student and we are always looking for new and out of the ordinary talent! MCs are also a part of the show so if you enjoy acting/comedy this event is for you! A huge part of the success of Variety Night is due to the student executive who help put together this show. The student executive is formed in January.

The Yearbook Club gives students the opportunity to use their creativity as they design, write, organize, and edit the school’s yearbook. This club allows students to develop their artistic, organizational, and leadership skills through the creation of the yearbook.