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Individualized learning and supports help students find their place at Nutana

March 14, 2018

Our school motto — “Working together towards personal success in a safe, caring, and respectful learning community” — lets everyone know the kind of place Nutana Collegiate is.

We inspire learning by providing support through our many services, valuing our students’ voices and creating a  strong sense of belonging. We develop strong student-staff relationships through concentrated time spent together in our quarter system. We make learning relevant by including our students in their learning plans and by partnering with the community in our work. By individualizing learning and other supports, we strive to respond to students’ interests and needs. Students tell us they feel like they “belong” at Nutana. They are encouraged to develop skills that will empower them in  the future.

Our community partners tell us that they appreciate working with our students and staff and are amazed at the commitment and skills of our students. We are proud of the many accomplishments of our Nutana family — both students and staff! We definitely know we are making a difference for individuals and the community.

Alongside our teaching staff, Nutana also has many support staff and services to support our students in their success. The Integrated School-Linked Services (ISLS) team includes a nurse practitioner, mental health and addictions counsellor, social worker,  stay-in-school coordinator, community coordinator and a police liaison officer.

 There is a breakfast program in the StudentLounge provided by the Salvation Army; the Jacoby Centre is a student-parent support program, and the school also offers Millie’s Early Learning Centre. We are culturally responsive to student needs with opportunities in our Cultural Centre, classroom content, school events and in the community for our First Nations, Inuit and Métis students and new Canadian students.