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Getting Involved
Please join us!

A big hello/bonjour and a heartfelt welcome to all new families from your École River Heights School Community Council (SCC) members! 

École River Heights School has a strong School Community Council. SCCs work with parents and community members to:
share responsibility for the success and well-being of all children and youth; and,
encourage parent, community and youth engagement in school planning and improvement.

 The roles and responsibilities of SCCs include:
encourage parent and community participation in education;
developing a good understanding of their community including its needs, resources, supports and goals for student learning and well-being;
cooperating with school staff to develop school-level plans;
communicating annually with families and community members about their activities and accomplishments;
accounting publicly for money they spend;
participating in orientation, training, development and networking opportunities related to SCCs;
upholding confidentiality; and,
following legislation, regulations and board policies.

SCCs may also provide advice and recommendations to their boards of education, school staff and other organizations about the learning needs and well-being of students

SCC’s also allow for an opportunity for parents to get a chance to get to know teachers and each other
ALL levels of participation are welcomed 
Childcare is provided by request
There is NO requirement of commitment to attend a number of meetings or volunteer
Meeting dates and times are posted in our newsletters and the school portal calendar

Get involved

Join your School Community Council!