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Royal West Campus at Estey School
Inspiring Learning
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About our School

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Paul's PP 001.jpgOur Story

Royal West Campus began as a pilot program in the fall of 2002.  The goal was to serve the needs of young Saskatoon adults aged 18-21, who were seeking to complete their high school education or upgrade their marks for entrance to post-secondary programs.  We began with 70 students.  Royal West was the first program like this in Saskatchewan. 

Because we are serving the needs of young adults (and adults over 21 years of age who must pay tuition to take classes) we have found that we have had to adapt our programming and delivery of instruction so that students may go to school while raising families, trying to earn a living to support themselves and, in many cases, deal with personal challenges that can get in the way of success.  Many of our students struggle with financial hardship.  Our goal is to provide a safe, inclusive, flexible and nurturing environment.  We do this by:

  • Having an open door.  We have continuous intake of students until springtime.
  • Allowing students to work at their own pace.   This means that students can finish their courses as quickly as they wish or take extra time to really grasp learning concepts.

  • Providing free healthy snacks every day as well as monthly staff-made soups, salads, bbq's in spring and IMG_0547.JPGfall and our annual Festivus turkey dinner made entirely by Royal West staff members.
  • Having an on-site daycare that provides outstanding care for children of Royal West students.      
  • Being culturally responsive.  Bringing elders and traditional knowledge keepers into Campus and developing a culture room to be responsive to our First Nations, Inuit and Metis students.


Finding Their Path to Success

IMG_0870.JPGSince 2002, our Campus has grown to an average enrolment of 400 students per year.  Two thirds of our student population are working on completing Gr. 12.  To date, over 700 students have earned the right to ring the Royal West graduation bell – "The sweet sound of success."  Their tenacity and determination to succeed despite obstacles that got in the way the first, second or third time around is to be admired and applauded.  There truly are many paths to success.