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Royal West Campus at Estey School
Inspiring Learning
Principal's Greeting
Royal West Campus is a wonderful place to be! Royal West Campus operates much differently than other collegiates. We are an adult campus where students can negotiate the pace at which they progress through their daytime course(s) to best meet their individual learning need and to ensure deep understanding of content.
At Royal West, we adapt to the needs and life demands of our adult students. As soon as you walk into our building you will feel a sense of belonging and you will feel a part of our community.  The Royal West Early Learning Centre (Daycare with infant, toddler and pre-school rooms) is located within our building and serves our students who are parents.
Each student comes to us with a different story as to why they are here and what their goals are. We truly believe that there are many paths to success and we are here to help you find your path to success! We are looking forward to meeting you!
Tammy Chief
Principal, Royal West Campus