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Grade 9 program offers students a smooth transition to high school

January 02, 2019

Gr. 9.jpgA student's Grade 9 year at Tommy Douglas Collegiate provides them with the core classes while allowing them to experience many of the elective courses prior to their Grade 10 year.

In addition to the core classes in Science, Social Studies, Math and English, Grade 9 students have the opportunity to take all of the survey courses (Clothing, Drafting, Food Studies and Woodworking) as well as enriched classes. Distinct course offerings (non-integrated classes) in Health 9, Career 9 and Physical Education 9 empower students in their personal life and career paths.

Tommy Douglas also offers  French  Immersion  for  those  wanting  to  earn  their  bilingual  certificate  in  French. Courses that are part of the Grade 9 French Immersion program include: Français A, Français B, Mathématiques, Sciences, and Humaines Sciences

Those students who find Math or English challenging may be recommended for the Math 9 Plus or English 9 Plus programs which allow for additional support in building the skills necessary for success in future Math or English classes. Additional supports include a literacy teacher, resource teachers, English as an Additional Language support teachers, and after school and lunch hour tutoring.

Off the Grid is a half-day, full-year learning experience that will take students on an integrative, interdisciplinary adventure. This program is the only one of its kind in Saskatoon and is open to Grade 9 students who are interested in topics such as climate change, sustainable living, social justice and the growing need for innovation in these areas. Application forms are available during the open house and on the school website.

Our Grade 9 practical and applied arts survey course includes options in drafting, carpentry and construction, clothing, and food studies.