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School makeover prize will go toward garden, outdoor classroom

June 27, 2016

garden_web.jpgConfederation Park Community School is one of 10 schools across Saskatchewan that will each receive $10,000 for winning the 10th anniversary Mosaic Extreme School Makeover Challenge.

The school plans to use the funds to expand its outdoor classroom, refurbish and expand the community garden and support continued community involvement in the school.

Confederation Park’s existing programming is extensive and indicates an extraordinary level of commitment on the part of the school community to provide support to the many needs of its students and families. Excellent partnerships have been developed however the long-term requirements of the community garden exceeds what they are able to provide in order to maintain and grow the program.

The development of the outdoor classroom will include additional seating areas, plants and shrubs as well as signage and a teacher’s manual to support plant identification during outdoor instruction.

The second element of the plan is to expand and refurbish the existing community garden which has been a very successful community partnership and helps provide fresh produce to the school nutrition programs as well as to community members at large.

The raised garden beds require refurbishing and new beds will be developed. New tools, fruit trees and soil will continue the program and allow for the expansion of the garden space.

During the school months, the students and staff maintain and harvest the garden. Community members are encouraged to help themselves to the produce which has reduced vandalism and increased support. To ensure sustainability, the school will hire a community member to maintain the garden during the summer months.

The Extreme School Makeover Challenge was launched in 2006 by The Mosaic Company in partnerships with the Saskatchewan School Boards Association and Breakfast for Learning to encourage grassroots initiatives to improve student nutrition.