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Walter Murray Collegiate
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Aviation Studies


This practical and applied arts course is intended for students who are interested in how and why an airplane flies, and in the various career aspects of the rapidly growing aviation industry. It will appeal to students who enjoy a hands-on learning style and co-operation with teachers in a mentorship approach to course planning and career exploration. Topics include: theory of flight, engines, navigation, meteorology, air law, decision-making and human factors.

This class will connect you to a private pilot license, industry professionals and to Saskatchewan Polytechnic’s Commercial Pilot Program to start your career in aviation!

Walter Murray instruction will make your ground school a snap!


Whether you have simply a passing interest or a raving passion in all things flying, we love to talk about aviation and ALL students are welcome. There is a simple prerequisite for this course however, and that is …a positive attitude!


Class participants are supplied with a copy of “From the Ground Up,” navigation rulers, protractors, charts, E6-B calculators, and construction tools. Class aviator jackets are available and are an optional purchase. Costs for balsa wood kits (Grade 11) range between $20 and $50. Costs for the big aviation tour vary depending on the destination.


Information is available at your school’s Student Services office. The classes are offered in Semester 2 only, during the afternoon. Further information is available online at or by downloading a copy of the Aviation Studies program brochure.


  • Balsa wood aircraft design and construction
  • Radio-controlled aircraft construction and flying
  • Aircraft simulator time
  • Field trips to local aviation facilities
  • The Aviation Studies Tour—a 2-3 day field trip to major aviation locations
  • Associations with the local Transport Canada flight schools
  • Aviation Studies 20 (Grade 11)
  • Aviation Studies 30 (Grade 12)
  • An additional special project credit is also available if you earn your private pilot’s license before the end of Grade 12

Live the Life Less Ordinary! Come Fly with Us.