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sage1_web.jpgWalter Murray Collegiate is one of two collegiates that offers the Saskatoon Public Schools Academically Gifted Education (SAGE) program at the high school level.

The SAGE program provides gifted learners with subject integrated opportunities appropriate to their abilities. We create the environment to foster advanced learning, critical thinking and creative problem solving skills by building a community of like-minded learners and a program providing enriched opportunities both in and beyond the school.

The program, in high school, begins in Grades 9 and 10 with SAGE courses in English Language Arts, History, Math and Science. In Grade 11 English Language Arts, History, Inquiry and Health Science become the SAGE subjects, with students selecting Math courses depending upon their learning pathway. In Grade 12 students take SAGE English Language Arts, Biology, and History, plus at least four elective courses.

Letters of invitation are sent to Grade 8 students upon teacher recommendation.  Applications are sent to principals of elementary schools at the end of February, after the high school Open Houses.  Any Grade 8 student may apply and should consult their Grade 8 teacher for more information.  Non-SPS Students should contact Saskatoon Public Schools Division Office.  Applicants are ranked as an aggregate for the school division according to criteria developed by the Board.  Students should indicate their school of choice on the application form.  Applications are reviewed by a panel of teachers, administrators and board staff in late February, and letters are sent advising students if they have been selected.

For more information about Saskatoon Public Schools gifted education visit