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Walter Murray Collegiate
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Open house set for Feb. 15 helps Grade 8 students prepare for high school

December 20, 2016

Walter Murray Collegiate is a comprehensive collegiate, which means our size and facility allows for the broadest range of programming and extra-curricular offerings in Saskatoon.

Our school community is noted for its excellence in academics, athletics, fine arts and technology. Consequently, our students earn valuable scholarships and academic opportunities around the globe, find employment in industry and trades and become exemplary citizens and leaders in their communities.

An open house scheduled for Wednesday, Feb. 15, at 7 p.m. will allow current Grade 8 students and their families to learn more about Centennial Collegiate, its programs and facilities as students prepare to make the move to high school in September 2017. A SAGE Program open house will be held Thursday, Jan. 26, at 1 p.m.


The goal of Walter Murray's Grade 9 program is to support student transition from Grade 8 by using a variation of a middle years' model within a high school. We want students to feel connected to our school and their learning.

The Grade 9 programming at Walter Murray has been structured so students are not overwhelmed by the physical space of our large collegiate and by the number of students and staff. Students are grouped into cohorts based on programming choices and all Grade 9 program groupings provide the core Grade 9 classes. In addition, LINK Crew provides ongoing support and mentorship for incoming Grade 9 students.

The Grade 9 experience at Walter Murray is an interdisciplinary, project-based program that meets Grade 9 curriculum outcomes. Teachers work collaboratively within student groupings to deliver programming that addresses the needs of all students within the same classroom. We have an EAL support teacher, a resource teacher and a literacy teacher involved in co-teaching and supporting students in our programming cohorts.

Within the Grade 9 compulsory courses there are varying levels of integration with the program groupings. Students who have had significant difficulties with regular Math programming may be candidates for Math 9 Plus, a course designed to reinforce foundational concepts.

Walter Murray provides a French Immersion program for Grade 9 students and offers the SAGE (Saskatoon Academically Gifted Education) Program.


Walter Murray welcomes all types of learners. Special needs students and those who require enrichment, modification, second language support or hands-on opportunities will find courses and extra- curricular offerings suited to their interests and abilities. Walter Murray students represent more than 40 different nationalities and come from all areas of Saskatoon.

We work to maintain a safe and inclusive atmosphere and positive relations with our neighbours. Student Services counsellors and our Restorative Action Program (RAP) worker support students in healthy decision-making and conflict resolution.