SPSF Plans Third Round of Cheer Crates

Back-to-School Cheer Crates will be delivered to 400 Saskatoon public Schools families on September 10th.
Please consider donating and help these families in need receive:

🗸nutritious food 🍎
🗸fun activities for families 👨‍👨‍👧‍👦
🗸toothbrushes and toothpaste 🦷
🗸hand sanitizer ✋
🗸books 📖
🗸a reusable water bottle 💧
🗸socks 🧦
🗸pencils ✏️ and crayons 🖍️ and a colouring book

We look forward to being able to support and excite our families through one more round of Cheer Crates with a focus on the new school year!

$100 Donation  Back to School Cheer Crate.png

Over 1000 Cheer Crates delivered in May and June!

On June 16, the SPSF Cheer Crates went to families from 34 Saskatoon Public Schools. With help from our donors, volunteers, sponsors and Saskatoon Public Schools staff, the SPSF successfully packaged and delivered over 1000 Cheer Crates in the months of May and June.  The amazing items in the Cheer Crates were donated by businesses, organizations and individuals.

We are very pleased to share with you that the Saskatoon Food Bank and Learning Centre provided non-perishable food essentials for the June Cheer Crates and will continue this commitment for the Fall delivery. This is a perfect example of two community agencies working together to support students and families throughout Saskatoon. 

We are completely blown away with the outpouring of support for this initiative, and we wanted to share our gratitude as we were able to do what we do because of YOU!

We sent out a lot of cheer these last few months, and from the bottom of our hearts,
we thank you for your support!

How can you support the Fall Cheer Crate?

Donate Here
I Have Items to Donate or Want to Partner With You

We are excited to share the pictures of happy families and busy volunteers from

June 16, so if you are interested in seeing some visuals, please enjoy the video below. 


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