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Programs of Excellence Grants

The Saskatoon Public Schools Foundation Programs of Excellence Grants are an opportunity for Saskatoon Public Schools members to test or scale innovative initiatives and creative solutions that address challenges and opportunities impacting students.

Grant applications should align with one or more of the following priorities of Saskatoon Public Schools Foundation:

  1. Literacy - Essential skills that help us understand, contribute and belong to our communities.  This broad definition includes numeracy and other fundamental skills.
  2. Healthy Active Schools - Learning environments that promote physical activity and student wellness.
  3. Empowering Innovation - Accelerating creativity in education and inspiring new opportunities for learning.

2019-20 Programs of Excellence Grants Have Been Awarded

The Saskatoon Public Schools Foundation is pleased to announce that 

 $40,000 has been granted to innovative programming this year!

Congratulations to the following programs and schools that received funding during the 2019-2020 school year: 

2019-20 POE Awarded Programs.PNG

$234,000 distributed over 6 years to 
72 schools, programs, and SPS Education Centers.