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Princess Alexandra School
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About our School

Princess Alexandra Community School is located just west of downtown in the heart of Riversdale in Saskatoon, and was among the first group of community schools designated in 1980. Our school has been a leader in community education, and continues to work hard to implement the practices outlined in Building Communities of Hope Community Schools Policy and Conceptual Framework.


When you walk through the doors of our school, expect to be warmly greeted by staff members, other parents, and students. We pride ourselves on creating a warm and caring environment for our students, parents, and any guests that enter our school. It is through these types of actions that we build strong relationships with our families so that our students can thrive in an optimal learning environment. We seize every opportunity we can to honour the wonderful work of our school community.


The Princess Alexandra School Community shares four main beliefs -- developed as a result of a consultative and collaborative process with students, staff, parents, and community members several years ago. These beliefs are: Safety, Respect, Self-Esteem, and Connectedness. Our decision-making process always takes into account input and viewpoints from all our stakeholders; all decisions consistently come back to our beliefs. We spend considerable time with our students explicitly teaching them about our school beliefs.


Princess Alexandra staff and students have worked exceptionally hard over the years to actively involve parents, extended family members, and community members in the education of our children. The end result has been one of active parental and community engagement. We are extremely proud of this accomplishment and continually strive to excel in this area.


Our school is also proud of our cultural diversity. We honour and respect all cultures through our curriculum, our classroom practices, and during school and community events. Because the majority of our families come from First Nations or Métis ancestry, we pay particularly close attention to integrating First Nations and Métis content -- ways of knowing, and ways of doing -- into our curriculum.

Princess Alexandra Community School has:

  • morning and afternoon Pre-Kindergarten program
  • full day Kindergarten program
  • Pow wow Dance Troupe
  • After-school recreational programs organized through the dreambroker
  • a Nutrition Program (breakfast and lunch) if needed
  • Parent programming