Brightwater Science and Environmental Centre


The Brightwater Science, Environmental and Indigenous Learning Centre provides unique land-based programming for middle years and high school students of Saskatoon Public Schools. Brightwater programming is delivered through the integration of a variety of curricular subject areas and is based on the Ecological Knowledge of native prairie landscapes and honours Indigenous perspectives, content and ceremonies.

Brightwater provides an opportunity to teach and learn where land-based lessons can best be taught and learned ..... on the land! The learning that takes place at Brightwater is an extension of curricula, follows pre-visit preparation in the classroom, and is the basis for many post-visit challenges.
There are 2 Brightwater sites, adjacent to one another, and located on a 1/4 section of land approximately 14 kilometers south of Saskatoon, . The Middle Years programming is based from the 100 acres of land rented from The Salvation Army’s Beaver Creek Camp and the High School programming is based from the adjoining 60 acres owned by Saskatoon Public Schools.
In spring 2013, the PotashCorp Eco-Science and Indigenous Learning Centre was opened at SPS Brightwater site. Thanks to a generous donation from PotashCorp, the centre provides classroom, office and meeting room spaces, and kitchen facilities to support students learning year round at the site.
Each year over 1500 elementary and high school students participate in Brightwater experiences. Brightwater programming success can be attributed to the support received from the Saskatoon Public School Board, Administrative Council, Brightwater staff, First Nations Inuit and Métis Unit, teachers, parents, and the Saskatoon community as a whole.
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Brightwater Programming:
  • Provides dynamic holistic experiences in three seasons: autumn, winter and spring;
  • Offers one half day to 2 night/3 day experiences in a natural setting for grades 6 to 12 students;
  • Is an extension of classroom inquiry learning within a variety of subject areas
  • Connects students and teachers to the land in meaningful ways from Indigenous and Western perspectives
Brightwater First Nations Ceremonial Grounds:





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  • Brightwater is a "WILDLIFE REINTRODUCTION SITE" for wildlife that have wandered from the countryside into the City of Saskatoon such as deer, porcupine, badgers ......


  • Nutana Collegiate Enviro20 students set up WILDLIFE TRAIL CAMERAS at Brightwater for a month this fall - link to the footage coming soon .......



  • ​Nikanetan student build NEW BENCHES for the eco-centre and homestead sites.... Thank You Chris, Gabby and your students!





  • ​Science Trek students have started a longterm study MONITORING THE BRIGHTWATER BLUEBIRD POPULATION


  • Brightwater has a new state of the art CELESTRON CPC Telescope for viewing the sun and night sky - Thank You PotashCorp!
View a student created movie that documents his understanding of the diversity of living things in different terrestrial and aquatic habitats at Brightwater.