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About our School

 Administrator's Message

Families and schools share the important job of nurturing children and young people to gain the skills and experiences that they need in order to contribute positively to our community.  I believe it is the most important work that we do.  At Brownell School, we view our students from a holistic lens, wanting to understand their emotional, physical, intellectual and spiritual needs, so that we can best respond to them.  We will work hard to develop good relationships with your child and learn about their strengths, interests, passions, hobbies and dreams.  We will check their learning so that we know where they are as readers, writers, mathematicians, problem solvers and collaborators.  We will build them up from wherever they are as learners.  We have an amazing team of people working hard and doing their best so that each child can grow to their potential.

Brownell School provides a wide variety of in and out of school learning opportunities.  Students will learn in creative and supportive learning environments with just the right amount of challenge.  We are proud of the quality of our arts and physical education programs, project based learning, outdoor education and leadership opportunities, all designed to engage our students.  We are honoured to be home to two of Saskatoon Public Schools Functional Life Schools (FLS) programs, a congregated program for students with moderate to severe intellectual disabilities.  This program helps students learn important life skills in an elementary school setting with additional supports.  We are so proud of our school and hope that our families feel that pride when they enter the school.

We are truly honoured to serve the families and students of Brownell.  Please share your questions, cares and celebrations with us.  As Helen Keller reminds us, "Alone we can do little; together we can do so much."