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Frequently Asked Questions


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High School Transcripts

‚ÄčSpecial and Intensive Needs

Facility Rentals


‚ÄčHow do I register with‚Äč Saska‚Äčtoon Public Schools?

To register with Saskatoon Public Schools, click here‚Äč.

‚ÄčNot a Canadian citizen? Click h‚Äčere‚Äč.


Where can I get a copy of my high school transcript?

To receive your official high school transcript, please contact Student and Educator Services at the Ministry of Education in Regina. Information, as well as online ordering and payment, is available on the ministry's website.


How much does a transcript cost?

The cost is $25 for five or fewer copies.


Can my transcript be mailed directly to the university/technical college?

Transcripts (2 copies) are automatically sent electronically each business day by the Ministry of Education to the following institutions:
  • University of Regina
  • University of Saskatchewan
  • Saskatchewan Polytechnic (SIAST ‚Äď all four campuses)
  • University of Alberta.
All other transcripts must be sent through mail or by expedited delivery if selected.

How do I rent a Saskatoon Public Schools facility?

As a publicly funded organization and supporter of youth and community programs, Saskatoon Public Schools makes its property and facilities available for use to community or non-profit organizations, our employees and our partners in education. 

Information on renting a Saskatoon Public Schools facility can be found here.


Can I donate used technology to the school division? 

We recognize the importance of technology in our schools and its role in educating 21st century learners. That's why Saskatoon Public Schools ensures that all technology in the hands of our teachers and students is current, reliable and fully serviceable by our dedicated staff. As a result, we are constantly refreshing our equipment to ensure the same quality and abundance that you would find in any modern organization and respectfully decline the offer of donated/used technology.

However, every few years, Saskatoon Public Schools finds itself in the same position as you, where we have equipment that is ready for replacement but still has some potential value for a charitable organization or environmentally friendly recycling. If you are interested in donating used technology, please click here for more information on electronic waste and how to dispose of it in an ethical, environmentally friendly manner.