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Information for parents, caregivers about STF job action

March 10, 2020

SPS Web 425 x 325 Job Action.jpgThe Saskatchewan Teachers Federation (STF) is engaged in contract negotiations with the Government Trustee Bargaining Committee, which represents the provincial government and all Saskatchewan school divisions. The STF represents all teachers, principals, vice principals, instructional consultants, coordinators, and secondary counsellors in our school division. 

The STF announced sanctions that will restrict services beginning Thursday, March 12. The sanctions will have the following impact on our school operations until further notice:  

  • All extracurricular activities are cancelled, which includes all practices, games, tournaments, drama and music-related activities, and school clubs;
  • Teachers will only attend school 15 minutes prior to the start of classes and stay until 15 minutes after dismissal; and,
  • This may change bus pick-up and drop off times. Impacted families will be contacted directly regarding changes.

Our school division’s focus is on the safety of students. Please ensure your child arrives at school no more than 15 minutes before classes begin and has departed the school no more than 15 minutes after dismissal.  

For students that attend before and after school programs located in the school, these programs are operated by external groups and will not be impacted by these sanctions. 

We respect the collective bargaining rights of our staff members. School will continue as scheduled and recess and lunch supervision will not be affected. Parent-teacher conferences will go ahead as scheduled. Events scheduled within the school day will continue while any events outside of school hours will not be supported by teachers.  

If further job action is announced, we will share information with families through email and letters from the school, as well as updates to our division website, school websites, and social media accounts. In the event we receive short notice about job action, our school division will use the Everbridge notification system, which will send messages by phone, text, and email simultaneously.  

If you have questions regarding school operations, please contact your school principal. 

If you have questions about the negotiations, please contact the elected trustee for your school. 

(This information was sent to the parents and caregivers of Saskatoon Public Schools students)