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Elementary French Immersion

​​​​​French Immersion programming in elementary school is offered from kindergarten to Grade 8.

Seven elementary schools offer dual-track English and French Immersion programs, which run alongside regular English programs and are housed in the same building.
Two elementary schools offer a single-track French Immersion program.
French Immersion is an excellent choice for those wishing to learn to communicate effectively in both of Canada's official languages. 

​Programming from Kindergarten to Grade 8

French Immersion programming is provided through an authentic learning environment and engaging linguistic experiences. Students participate in diverse and enriching French learning activities in and out of the classroom. Resource support is available to solidify skills and provide support if required.
  • Students generally enter the program in kindergarten or Grade 1. This is because the foundations of the French language are established early in these primary grades. To ensure student success, early enrolment is recommended. From kindergarten to Grade 2, the language of instruction is primarily French. Utilizing the new provincial curricula for early learners, the program maintains a strong focus on student identity and language development while fostering students’ achievement in multiple subjects. Students learn French through play, songs, activities and repetition. The English Language Arts program is not formally introduced until Grade 3.

  • In grades 3 to 8, students apply their literacy and language skills to support and further their learning. Once students have learned to read in French, they apply this skill as they continue to explore the language and build vocabulary, communicate orally with purpose and write to explain their thoughts and learning. The ability to speak, read and write is applied in all subject areas and enables students to continue to learn the French language in the context of curricular subjects.
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Free busing may be available for students leaving their home neighbourhoods to attend the French Immersion program in their area. Click on the map to see which school provides French Immersion programming for your neighbourhood. Please contact the school for details.

French Immersion Programming