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Teacher and Staff Appreciation Week

February 13, 2023
Telemedia_020723.jpgDuring the week of February 12 to 18, 2023, Saskatoon Public Schools is celebrating our champions of learning, both in and out of the classroom. 

Being a champion of learning means supporting education, educators and students. This can be accomplished in many different ways, by many different professions within Saskatoon Public Schools. From our teachers, administrators, superintendents, consultants and educational assistants to our facilities workers, front office and departmental staff, everyone at Saskatoon Public Schools works collaboratively to create the best possible educational experience for our students and families. 

By virtue of being in the education sector, every single one of our teachers and staff is a champion of learning, making each student feel known, valued and believed in. As Saskatoon Public Schools celebrates Teacher and Staff Appreciation Week, we encourage each and every one of our employees to spread some joy and share their appreciation for one another.